Games and Stories

I was thinking about Peter Travers review of Grand Theft Auto VI. He said that the story in Grand Theft Auto IV is better than any movie he has seen this year except for Iron Man. I have not played GTA4 yet but this does not surprise me. The last couple of GTA games had great stories.

My only problem with viewing games like movies is the game play. I do not play a lot of games. I do not have many gaming skills. To be honest, I do not like playing the same part of a game more than three or four times while I get better at it. With games you need to complete missions to see all the content. If you are not good at the game you do not get to see the whole story. Movies do not have the same problem. You always get told the story.

I think I would like the story of Full Metal Solid games. The problem is that they game play does not appeal to me at all. I do not like stealth games. I think I would watch a video that was just the cut scenes from this game.

I think this is what keeps games from being as accessible as movies. I think the marriage of story line and game play will keep games from being like movies for a while. A good story is not enough for a game while it is enough for a movie. A good story is not near enough for me to pick up a game and try to play.


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