Messages of All Lengths

I have been thinking about Twitter, Plurk, email, and blogs lately. I have been using Twitter and Plurk a lot lately. I know that they are mostly chatter, but it is easy to fit chatter in with everything else I have to do.

I remember use to love e-mail. Back in 1996 I used to get up first thing in the morning and read my e-mails. If felt exciting, like waiting for letters in the mail. I was sharing e-mail with people all over the world, at least the English speaking world. When I logged onto my computer I could not wait to see what was there for me. It was new and exciting.

Now a days I mostly ignore my personal e-mail. I check it all the time to see is anything good is there, but I rarely write anyone. I rarely get any good e-mail from anyone. If I get an email the correspondence will go on for two or three days before it dies off. There is a lot of reasons this is true. I do not have the attention span for e-mail anymore. It might be because I am so attached to e-mail every day at work I do not want to be attached to it at home.

Twitter and Plurk are interesting because of the short aspects of both these services. Twitter is amazing at how much can be shared in just 140 characters. It has the ability to make me feel very close to some people because it is so casual. Plurk is amazing because at how quick the communication it. It is really communication in the now.

I know that I need to be willing to put times into communication. I would love to e-mail my friends again, but it is more effort than I have to give right now. I hate to think that these forms of communication are making me lazy.


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