On the Tale


I have been looking at flickr stats since it has been added to flickr. I was hoping it would tell me something about my photos that I did not already know. I was hoping I would get a good idea where my views come from. I now have a good idea where my views come from. Below are the numbers as long as Flickr shows them:

flickr.com 49%
images.search.yahoo.com 24%
images.google.com 8%
google.com 1%

Every other site is less that 1%. It would take about 5000 views to get to 1%.

At the time is an image of my stats. You can see that big spike. After looking at those big spikes a few time I came to a realization. Those big spikes do not come from a single photo getting a lot of view. It does not come from a lot of photos getting a higher than average number of views. Those spikes from from many photos getting one extra view that day. That just amazes me.

I have 8,600 hundred photos on flickr. On an average day I get 1700 views over 700 photos. I will get a spike where I get 9000 views over 5000 photos. It is just like lots of photos go an extra view.

I am finding that my photography is defining the long tail.


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