Txt dollars

There is a good blog entry here looking at the True Price of Txt Messages. The basic idea is that is you were charged the same price for downloading music as you are for sending SMS messages, you would be charged thousands of dollars per song. That is crazy if you think about it.

This is really a consumer problem. People who want to send txt messages see value in the feature. They do not compare the cost of talking compared to the cost of sending a txt message. Each feature has its own use. I know that I txt people that I do not call. Txt messages have a more casual feel to them.

To be honest, I do not know how much I am paying per txt message. A few months ago I went up from 200 messages a month to unlimited messages a month. That costs me $5 a month. Going down from 900 minutes to 450 minutes did more than cover it. That being said, I have never figured out how much I am paying per message. Having unlimited messages has let me use twitter on my phone. I would not use twitter on my phone without unlimited messages.

Phone companies have increased the cost of txt messages because they can. People who use them find them valueable. My guess is that price sensitive people will get plans with unlimited txt messages and people who do not pay attention will keep being changed a lot for this service. I think it will be years before we see the prices on these services go down.


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