Cross play

Comic Con 08

I saw an odd trend at Comic Con this year. There were lots of women wearing men's costumes. I have seen this before, but it was really big this time. It is not that the women were trying to pass as men. They were trying to look like women, but they were dressed like Han Solo, Iron Man, or The Joker. I think this is getting to be a bigger and bigger trend. I think it is a good way for people to make costumes that no one has ever seen before. I think that having something people have never seen before is a big thing.

There were lots of women dressed as male characters. I only saw one man dressed as a female character. That is the man dressed like Harley Quinn in the photo above. I can see how there are few female characters that would look good as a man. I think that it would be cool to get a male Rouge or male Raven.

I am not sure what the increase in "cross play" mean. Yes, cross play is the term for dressing as a character of the opposite gender. I think that people are trying to push more the edge. I think cross play is an easy way for people to do this. It might also be a way to dress like a character that is not a sex symbol.

I will say again that this is the costume century. By 2100 people will be dressing like movie and comic book characters as part of their everyday life.


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