The Empire in San Francisco

I just saw Death Star over San Fransisco. I was impressed at it. I think the use of star wars ships and regular scenes from San Francisco is very cool. The short film seems creative and fresh.

That is not something I can say about the new Star Wars Clone Wars Animated movie. It is hard to review a movie I have not see yet. I will say that the reviews in Slate's Summary Judgment is enough for me to stay away. I am not always someone who trusts critics, but if the movie does not look good to me from the preview and it does not get good reviews. It is a fair bet to stay away. It is besides the point that Gizmodo tells me I will truly hate the movie.

My problem with this movie is simple. They put the movie between episode 2 and 3. This makes me scratch my head a little. Why would I want to see a movie that takes place between episodes 2 and 3. I already have see what happens between episode 2 and 3 with the animated Clone Wars TV show. I do not need more story there. Star Wars fans have not been crying to find out more of this story.

If I want to know about the story, it is about what happens between episode 3 and 4. That is where the new video game Force Unlimited takes place. This is where I want to see a movie. I want a movie about the change from the Republic to the Empire. that is a story that would be cool to me.

The reason Death Star over San Francisco is cool is because people are living their everyday life with this huge ships everywhere. It makes me wonder what would happen if the empire came to earth. Would we fight or just surrender? How would we react after the empire took over? What would everyday life be like.

I really want to see a story where average everyday life is going on under the Empire. I know that you see a little of that under Episode 4, but that is out in the boondocks of Tatooine. What is going on under the Empire on Coruscant or Naboo. Is the Empire jackbooted thugs? Do they have lots of propaganda? Do they turn planets against each other? Do they just have authority from a far? Do they prop up puppet planet governments?

This movie is a real shame to me. There are lots of good stories to be told in this world. George Lucas could have picked a dozen other places to put this movie. I really looks like he made a cheap movie that will be easy to get toys and merchandise out of. I think it is time for George to step aside and put Star Wars in to hands of people who can really make good stories with it.


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