The Job Puzzle

Comic Con 2008: Barack Obama Puzzle

At the Democratic Convention yesterday everyone kept on saying that Obama is going to create new jobs and he is going to create them in the areas that are hardest hit by out sourcing. These jobs are going to be good playing and for the middle class. There is a lot of talk that they are going to do it, but not a word of how they are going to do it.

I know in elections people do not give out specific plans. They do not want to be judged on the details of their plans in case they get elected and cannot pull it off. The problem is I really want details. I already know what republicans will do to spur job growth. You are saying the republicans have failed. I want to know just want you will do to create those jobs. I do not want to hear "invent in green technology and clean energy." I want to know just want that means. If you want to win over people like me, I think the plans will have to be more detailed.


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