Superhero Movies

While in San Diego I went to see The Dark Knight and Hancock

Superhero Movies to Make

Green Lantern

I think there are many ways to make a good Green Lantern movie. I think the best story line would be Hal Jordan is given the ring and saves the world from an Alien Invasion. I think that you could make the setting now, the 60's or the 80's and it world work. The best thing about this movie is that Green Lantern's powers are fantastic and very visual. Modern movie making could do justice to these powers.

The story would also lead to a good trilogy, alien invasion, Sinestro, Green Lantern Corps

Savage Dragon

Savage Dragon can be a cool story because he is both a superhero and a cop. This would be a superhero how is limited not just by how he feels but by the law also. I think that he works well because few people in the general public have read the comic. There are few expectations of what the story would be like. This could give the film maker a lot of leeway. I also think the character could lead to a good violent movie.

Captain Atom

Captain Atom is not know well outside the comic book world. I think he can make for an interesting comic. The story of a soldier who gets turned into a superhero because of an experiment is an interesting one. I think there is a lot of conflict in the idea that he is no longer human, but pure energy. I would use the story where is body is energy and his skin is a condiment suit. This would be great if he had to deal with a relationship

Power Man and Iron Fist

I think that Power Man and Iron Fist would make for a great 70's Blacksploitation/Kung Fu action movie. This would work well as a period piece. I think that it could be really over the top. I could include an over the top villain, corrupt cops, and lots of fighting. It is a good movie because there are no limits what you could do with these characters.


I will admit that X is one my favorite comic books of all time. I think he has many of the elements that make Batman, Wolverine, Rorschach, and the Punisher so popular. He is a vigilante who lives in a world with that is corrupted by organized crime. X has no memory of how he is, he is driven to fight crime.

I think that the story can be interesting because he has no memory of who is he or how he got his power. He just knows that he has to fight. You can even make it that he hated uneven odd that happen when criminals prey on the innocent. The story can show him as the ultimate Anti-hero who lives by his own code.


The Powers story Who Killed Retro Girl would be a great movie. The reason the comic is so good is because it deconstructs comic books. It is about regular people in the superhero world. The story is part police procedural and part superhero story. I think this combination would make a great movie. It would be easy to see the superheros in the story Retro Girl and Triphammer as stand in for other characters that the public already know, Super Girl and Iron Man.

Astro City

Astro City would be a great later superhero movie. The idea is that people who watch this movie do not need to know how heroes came to be or how they got their powers. The filmmaker can assume that the audience accepts the existence of superheros. Astro City is the comic for people who already read comics, The Astro City movie could be the movie for people who have already seen super hero movies.

I think that Tarnished Angel would translate best into a movie. The story is great because it shows the world from the villains side, but the villains are still sympathetic. I think it would be a wonderful movie.

Booster Gold

I think that Booster Gold would work well in a world with or without other superheros. The key ideas is that Booster Gold is a glory hound who wants to wants to be a star. On a deeper level he knows he is a fraud. He know that he stole his powersuit. He grew up a loser and is afraid that he will be a loser again. I think this could really make for a good movie.

Superhero Movies to Avoid

Kingdom Come

While Kingdom Come is a great graphic novel, I am worry that much of what makes it great would be lost on a general audience. It is a great movie for the conflict between Bruce Wayne superman. I just think you need too many characters to make this an interesting movie.

Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns might be the greatest comic book graphic novel of all times. The reason it is great is because it breaks all the rules of the DC universe. Superman is the bad buy, the Joker kills himself, and Batman fakes his own death. It is good because it conflicts from what people expect from the story. I do not think you could make this and keep it true to the story. I do not think DC/Warner Bros would let you make Superman a bad guy.

Dr. Strange

While the magic, demons, and monsters might sound like a good movie, I doubt it would end up that way. Lots of the things that make Dr. Strange good are arcane and only really work if you see them over a long period of time. I am not a big fan of the surgeon with bad hands story.

Brat Pack

While I love the comic Brat Pack, it would be a horrible movie. I know that it attacks the conventions of superhero comics and is a general thumb to the eye of the Justice League, but that might now be a great movie. I think it would be hard to make the world so dirty and still make the movie sell.

Superhero Movies to Reboot


Daredevil is a great series. There are lots of great things that can be down with this character. The problem is that you cannot do them all at the same time. I think this would be a great movie to give someone else another shot at.


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