Biden and the Internet

March 4: Memory

I was not happy when I read in Gizmodo that Joe Biden is Pro RIAA and MPAA. This scares me a little. There is more than enough reason to dislike the RIAA and MPAA. It is not only the lawsuits, but that they protect the industries and not the artist.

Obama's website piece about technology says that he is for Net Neutrality, but if vague about copyright and says nothing about file sharing. I want to know where he stands on the DMCA and extending copyrights again.

I know this might sound like a small issue in terms of everything in this election. I know it is not as important as Iraq, Energy Policy, or Health Care. The problem is that I work in the Tech Sector. The last two companies I have worked for could have been legislated out of existence. It is important to me to know how these things might be treated.


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