The Problem with Rejecting Apps

I read a story on about how the iPhone app podcaster was rejected from the apps store. It was rejected because the features were close to the iTunes Desktop feature set. The difference is that you cannot currently use the iPhone to directly download podcasts. This app allowed you to directly download podcasts to the iPhone.

I know the argument is that Apple has the right to control there platform. The problem is that Apple has set rule, but they are not letting people know what the rules are.

Apple had nothing in the terms prohibiting developers from duplicating features currently available on desktop application. I followed all the guidelines and made sure everything is in the correct place. Yet Apple denies me because I allow users to download podcasts just like iTunes.

If you want app developers to be in business with you, you need to be clear about what the rules are. Apple is going to go through a lot of growing pains with iPhone apps. They have does something truly innovative with the way they are handling mobile apps. The problem is that they leave the door open for other smart phone makers if they restrict too many apps.


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