Watching the wrong thing.

This is my open letter to David Wilkerson after reading his article about Netflix streaming service.

Dear David,

I am amazed that you can write the article above without mention at all about the content providers. The deals the content providers sign with the content delivers will have a lot to do with who is successful in this space. It has often be said that content is king. One of the big differences between Netflix streaming service and Apple or Amazon is that Netflix has much older movies. Recent, big studio, DVD releases are no where to be found. Right now Netflix customers need to get the DVD to get these titles. I do not see this changing any time soon. Ask some studio heads what they think of Netflix. See what they say about their new releases coming to a Netflix unlimited streaming service. I do not think they will want to give up their current VOD or DVD business model. They will use their copyrights to keep this from happening as long as they can. Any analysis who does not ask questions about this problem also do not know what business they are covering.

Rich Thomas


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