Fictions and Truths

A friend from high school sent me this story about how a student was arrested for writing a zombie story about his high school. The reason he sent this to me is because he and I wrote a zombie story when we were in high school. We wrote Adventures of Joe Flamehead, which took place in our high school. In the story the school had a nuclear reactor that melted down and made the school a wasteland. I am sure if it was 2008 and not 1988 we would have been arrested and sent to jail for the story.

There are a lot of problems here. When I was in high school, I was one of the misfits. We did a lot of story notebooks where two or three people would pass a story between them. Lots of those stories had characters who were students in the schools. The students were both the heroes and villains in these stories. It was a way for us to relate who we were and who everyone else was. It was a way for us not to be the popular kids and still have a good time. Feel sure of ourselves.

It you were a real fan of zombie fiction, writing a story that took place in your school and turn people you knew into zombies. That is a good way to learn how to write one of these stories. It is good to start with people you know so you can tweek the characters. Of course most current zombie fiction is violent. If you look at video games it can be seen that shotgunning zombies is seen as acceptability violence. I would not think a story like this is a threat. It is sad that we cannot look at things like this in a case by case basis.


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