The future of DRM

I cannot decide if the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem is a good idea or a bad idea. For the most part I am against DRM. I think that content companies have thrown a lot of money into DRM in the last few years and they have not reduce the amount of piracy out there. Major studios are hoping that making a single DRM standard will keep them from becoming the music industry.

What I want is to be able to purchase content anywhere I choose and to be able to play that content on what ever device I choose. I want to be able to make digital copies for my own use. I want to be able to play the content without having to be connected to the internet when I play it. I want to be able to take content to a friend's house and watch it with them.

The problem with the business of intellectual property is that you need a system to protect that intellectual property. It is easy to do when you are in a business where companies need a license to operate. It is easy to find out what TV channel are playing your content. The content companies want to keep it that easy. The problem is that might kill their business.

The problem with a single DRM is that it would be easier to crack.


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