MP3 Artwork

I recently replaced my iPod Mini with a new iPod Nano. I like the updates to the user interface. I think it is good enough to be worth me upgraded. I really like the display.

This is finally a reason for me to try to get cover art for all my MP3s. The interface with the cover art is much better than the generic music note that you get without artwork.

The problem is I have a lot of songs that do not have any artwork. iTunes will get the artwork if the album is available via iTunes. Being a big e-music fan I have a lot of albums from there that are not on iTunes. It is a good deal of work to join up those albums and that artwork. I also have a good number of songs that have no artwork at all. The songs are from all sorts of places. Does anyone know a good place to get MP3 artwork? What do you do when it is a song without an album?


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