What do the Demos Need to worry about

Now that the Barack Obama has won the Presidency and there will be Democratic majorities on in both houses of congress, they have a lot of work to do. In part that work starts now. The first big job Barack Obama has is to pick a good cabinet. I feel that a good cabinet is what makes the government run. The political appointments are one of the main reasons that Bush was the president he was.

Once Barack Obama is sworn in to office, he will have a lot of power. With both houses of congress in the same party, it will be hard for the Republicans to stop anything. There is a lot to be done and a lot that can be done.

The challenge for the Democratic party will be to governor from the middle of the country and not from the middle of their party. This is always the challenge that of a party in so much control. Many Democrats will say "the Republican did not govern this way, why should we?" If you look at the way Republicans ran this country that should be reason enough.

The further to the left they govern the country the less time they will have in office. If the Democrats go all out and try to reform health care, this might be the only think that will get done. If they want to majorly change energy policy, they might need to do that in steps. All at once it might be too much for Americans to deal with.

I wish Barack Obama all the success in the world. I hope that he has a big enough mandate to make real change. I just am not going to hold my breath. I guess Obama and the Democrats will have to show me.


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