Favorite Free Ways to fill your iPod


You might cut buying new music out of your budget, but still want to hear something new. You can only listen to old music so much. There are a ton of places to go to listen to free music when you are connected to the web, like My Space, Pandora, and YouTube. It can be harder to find places for music when you are off line. Here are my top legal free places to download music from.


Daytrotter is my favorite place to get free mp3s and my favorite place to discover new bands. To me, Daytrotter is indie rock heaven. Just about everyday there are four new tracks. Most of the time they are bands I never heard of before. Yes, you may not find your favorite bands there, but you might find your next favorite band there.

Here are a few of my favorite Daytrotter sessions

Dr Dog
Of Montreal
Titus Andronicus
The Silent Years
Ra Ra Riot

Podcasts on iTunes

There are thousands of free content on no iTunes. This content ranges from news to music, from Comedy to drama, and everywhere in between. Yes, the music content can be random. You have little control of what you are getting. There is a lot of content that is really cool.

CNet Free music Download:

There are some good stuff on CNet download.com and some bad stuff.

Amazon MP3 store

There is some free stuff, but often good cheap stuff. There do lots of stuff on sale. Every Friday they run $5 special.

SXSW Archives 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.

There are lots of songs in the SXSW archives. They are not easy to look through either. But it really is worth your time. I have found a lot of new bands here.


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