What the republicans need to do next

The Headline

Republicans have to answer a question? Do they want to improve the party or do they just want to wait for Obama and the Democrats to mess up. I think if they wait to pick up the pieces, they are going to wait a really long time. All the problems right now can be spun as the Republicans fault for a long time. Here are some things I think the republicans and do to get the party on track.

1. Be Deficit Hawks - Saying you are for smaller government and running up the National Debt is a bad combination. It worked for Ronald Regan because he won the Cold War. It is not working anymore. Yeah the current bail outs are going to run up the National Debt more. After we are past this it is important to try to get the Deficit down. People will not stand for spending a lot of Military and not on social programs. Doing that is a way to keep the democrats in power.

2. Get away from corporate welfare - After the Bail Outs are over, the Republicans need to stay away from Corporate Welfare. It the Republicans stay away from corporate welfare they will able to make it an issue for democrats.

3. No Wedge Issues - It did not work in California in 2008. There was a gay marriage amendment on the ballet, the amendment won, and Obama still won. Obama built a coalition that could withstand this issue. This is a sign that this tactic is going to lose effectiveness.

4. Be Smart about the Environment - Just standing in front of environmental issue saying they will be bad for business will no longer work. There are too many people who believe global warming is real. You need to find the Republican ways to deal with this. I am not sure anyone one has come up with the Republican Small Government Global warming handbook yet. Someone better get started.

5. Show people how tax cuts will help them - I am not sure people know why cutting their taxes is good for them. I am not sure average Americans know how tax cuts for other people can help them. These are important ideas.


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