Barack Obama and the Rest of the World

I was listing to the radio today and a French man said "Now American shares the values of the rest of the world once again." This statement shocked me a little. I know that it should not have, but it still did. I am not sure when the last time that the French public was that happy with the American Government. I am not sure when they are going back to. The hated us before with McDonalds and Globalism.

I am worried that the world will be disappointed with Barack Obama. The world wants everything out of America. The world wants us to step in and help them when things go wrong. The middle east is a perfect example. We hear people say that we need to step in and act to do something. If we do nothing the situation gets worse.

I know people think Barack Obama will be difference. I know they think that Barack Obama is going to use diplomacy to change the world. It is not that I do not think diplomacy is not useful, but it has yet to solve all the world's problems. I am not saying that is not a reason to change how we do things. I am just saying that it sounds like the world is expecting too much out of Barack Obama. He is got going to fix Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Dufour, Columbia, Mexico, and North Korea right off the bat. I wonder what the world will think about Barack Obama in one year's time.


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