Dash GPS

A few months ago I got a Dash GPS device as part of a user test. As part of the test I got a few months of free service. Right after I got my Dash, the company announced they they are getting out of the hardware business. This means they will not be selling their own hardware. They are looking to get their service on other devices.

Dash Charges $12.99 a month for a service that make the GPS better. The key features are live traffic, connected search, and send addresses to the device via the web. I like these features, but I am not sure it is worth $12.99 a month. The device will be less useful, but I only really use it that often. I might need my GPS two or three times a month. With a cell phone, Google-411, and putting addresses in manually I can make up for these features. These features are not worth $150 a year to me.

I know that it cost Dash to run this service. It still is not worth the money to me. I think this is the danger to lots of start ups. There are services that are worth paying for and others that are not. It is important to think of this when starting up a company.


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