Types or useful Twitter Messages pt1

Yeah, I know not ever tweet is useful. Hopefully I am good at removing people from my twitter stream who never have anything interesting to say. That is harder than it seems. I wanted to make a post of sum of the times of tweets I fine useful.

The Blog Promotion: These are tweets where the person posting is trying to bring you back to their blog. Some of these are useful and some are not. I do not have them sent to my mobile device

SlingSays "Bristol Palin Talks About Motherhood for the First Time": http://tinyurl.com/dga7q4

The Headline: This give the reader the Headline, but they need to search out the story themselves. Helps alert reader to specific details that they might miss or not know to look for.

interrante: GM cancelling Saturn and Pontiac. Hummer and Saab are on the for sale list

The News Joke: Take part of a headline and make a joke out of it. This helps share

wirehead: figures that GM would have a Saab story.

The Share: Teaches us a little about that person. It is the best when it is a simple expression of a thought or idea. It can be like poetry.

nicole: Loving how clean the air is after the rain.


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