Wedding Notes: March 21

Our Wedding: arms length

Woke up early
Drove around San Jose, it was very quite and peaceful
Had a donut for breakfast
Andrew J Thomas came over to my place to get ready
Got to the wedding site before any of the guests
Ran around like crazy before the wedding started.
Spent what felt like a long time on the wedding platform trying not to see Kate before the wedding started.
We were waiting for the wedding party to be ready, I was on alone on the stage. All the guests where standing there looking at me. I stood there in front of the guests. I took questions to warm up the crowd. I was asked how we met and if Kate offers a 401k.
I am so happy I waited for that moment to see Kate in her wedding dress for the first time. It was almost overwhelming in a good way. I think this is a good tradition.
During the ceremony, the whole world faded away except for Kate.
I almost cried when Pat read Corinthians 1:13
I could hear people go ahhhh when Kate and I read our vows.
It felt like the photos took a long time and that we should have done more.
I did not take many photos with my camera.
I did not get the time to talk to as many people as I wanted to. The day really did fly by.
It rained before we cut the cake. It was amazing to see my friends start grabbing stuff to get it out of the rain.
We cut the cake while it was raining. The cupcakes where a big hit. Cupcakes are a great idea for an outdoor wedding. No one had to spend time cutting the cake.
Peter and Kelly did the toasts.
It started to rain as we decided to do our first dance. We both had a great time with the first dance.
Pat was a real ham with his first dance.
After the first dance was over, all the guests left to get out of the rain. That was the end of the wedding for the most part.
The bridal party decorated the car with Shaving Cream and Tin Cans. The tin cans fell off the car somewhere before the highway.
Kate and I snuck out of the hotel for a romantic sushi dinner.
After dinner we opened some of the gifts and had some left over cupcakes
After dinner we went to the hostility suite to see some family.
We were really tired by the time we went to bed.


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