Wedding Notes: March 23

March 23
Had the complementary breakfast at the Ashland Springs Hotel.
I did my best to not speed too much. I saw two drivers pulled over.
I cannot even recount everything that Kate and I talked about.
Ate Lunch at the Vintage Inn diner in Cottage Grove Oregon.
I have been to Portland enough times since leaving that I do not think about my year living there when I visit. I end up thinking about my other visits.
We made it to the Grand Lodge at about 5 PM.
We were spending most our honeymoon at the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon. We are staying in the walker brothers suite that includes a sitting room with a fireplace.
I had the buffalo burger and tater tots for dinner.
The thing about staying at a McMenamins hotel is that they brew their own beer. We had the samplers and a number of pitchers after that. Kate's favorite is the Ruby and mine was the Working Man's Red.
We put the fireplace to good use on the night


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