Wedding Notes: March 25

We were told that we had to visit the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Kate loves animals and I love photography. That makes a zoo great for booth of us. We got to see the new baby elephant, Hippos, Polar Bears, Mandrills, Zebras, and Bats to name a few.
We had dinner with our favorite Portlanders, the Dornblasers. We got to meet the newest member of the family. We were sorry that they could name make it for the wedding. We spent our time talking about all kinds of stuff like, weddings, marriage, kids, work, and The Birds.
We had dinner at the Lauralwood Public House. I had the Burger which was very good, but I should have had the Mac and Cheese Kate had. It was great Mac and Cheese. I am not sure there are restaurants in San Jose that rate with the Laurelwood. If there is let me know


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