The Future of the Left

I read today that a Center Left coalition is in the lead in Iceland's General election. The two groups are the pro-EU Social Democratic Party and the Left Green Movement. This is not a surprise to me. A few months ago we heard about how Iceland was hit very hard about the current economic downturn. The country was at the edge of total financial failure.

I will not be surprised if the left has a new resurgence in Europe. I am not sure how the average European is seeing the current economic problems. I have seen a lot of coverage of the world, but none of the coverage has been a European Man on the street story. I know that Fox News and the American Right has responded to the stimulus package and the Obama administration is turning American into Socialist. They are falling over themselves to say that the American way of life is ending. They are saying it no matter what they truth is.

That being said, I can see how the Socialists in Europe gaining real ground. Over the last couple of year center right have gained a lot of ground in Europe. If you look at the Leaders of France, Germany, and Italy, they have all be from center right parties. I wonder if Europe will go to the left because of the current problems.


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