Pulled away fro a while

...or So much has happened, I have not had the time to blog

Sometimes your life just has too many things going on. I got married in March. That pretty much took me away from my blog for a month. I did not have the time or the mental space to sit down and blog. I was either too busy, too tired, too stressed, too focused, or too distracted to just sit at my computer and type. When I did use my computer I was either working on wedding things or vegging out. I seemed to have no mental space to work on my blog.

Now that I am married I have to find a new approach to work on my blog. I need to come up with the time to work on it and the will to not screw around on the web when I find that time. When I started this blog I had all the time in the world to work on it. I would often spend four nights a week doing nothing but my blog.

Now I have to be more selective. I see and hear lots of things that I want to blog about. The problem is that I do not have the time to work my thoughts into something that I can easily post on a blog.

Of course there are other ways I can get things out. While I have been working on this post I have sent three tweets and posted three links to del.icio.us. If you like you can follow all that on Friends Feed.


I am going to do some postdating of blog posts. There are notes that I took during the week before I was married so I would remember things. I know that I am using my blog as a journal trying to keep track of things, but deal with it. It is my blog and I don't really care


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