The Vows

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Here are the wedding Vows that Kate and I said to each other. We decided really early that we were going to write our own vows. It just seemed like the right think to do. People at the wedding told us they liked them. Maybe they were just being polite. I hope that people like them.


Love of mine, you are one of the most beautiful of God's creatures.
It is my good fortune to have you in my life I am better for knowing you.
I pledge everyday to seek your gentle smile.
Looking inside my heart only finding you.
Give you comfort and rest
I pledge to be present in our life together.
To be careful with you.
To be vulnerable
I pledge to also be strong and patient
To compromise with you
To nurture the good in our relationship
I will not try to fix things but just to listen
To be honest with you as well as trust you
To bend but not to break
Along the road I may disappoint, anger, or make you sad.
Know the mistakes I make are only my own frustration
No matter what it looks like all I bring you is love.


My love, from the first time I kissed your lips, I knew we had a bond
The days since that first kiss, my love for you has grown and flowered
I pledge you my hands
That they work hard to support you
and be there for you when you need them
to be ready to act when times get hard
I pledge you my mind
That it will find the word to bring you a smile
and think through every challenge life brings us
you will never be far from my thoughts
I pledge you my heart
With every ounce of love I can muster
I will let you into my heart
making our lives a place where we can always find joy
I will be present, patient and loving
Thanking God for everyday we have together
As we build a family and a life together


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