New Lost Questions

I have really enjoyed the last season of Lost. Even though I have a TiVo, I still tried to watch every episode as it aired. It is just so amazing, I wanted to watch it right away. I wanted to be able to listen to the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack right after the show aired. It is the best show I have seen in a long time. It is worth watching right away.

Lost is all about questions, puzzles and plot twists. This is part of the show. I have done this a couple times before, now it is time to do it again. It is time for my questions I want Lost to answer.

Note: I wanted to post this so I would have a reasonable change not to spoil my readers. If you are not caught up on Lost, you might not want to read this.

1. How did Richard meet Jacob?
2. Is Jacob's Enemy the Smoke Monster?
3. What is the relationship between Jacob & his enemy?
4. How did Charles Widmore come to the Island?
5. Why is the Island special?
6. Who built the four-toed statue?
7. Who are Adam and Eve?
8. What is the state of the DHARMA Initiative now?
9. How did Ben become leader of the others?
10. Why does Charles Widmore want to come back to the island?

Here are the questions they do not need to answer.

1. What happened to Rose and Bernard?
2. How was the four-toed statue destroyed?
3. What is the deal with the whispers?
4. Why was Danielle Rousseau's Team changed after entering the temple?
5. What did Charles Widmore want Danielle Rousseau and Alex killed?
6. What is the story with the Black Rock?
7. Why did Danielle Rousseau lie to the survivors and tell them that she never saw the Others when they abducted Alex?
8. What caused the problem between the DHARMA Initiative and the Hostiles?
9. How did the DHARMA Initiative find out about the island?
10. Why were people drugged for the trip on the DHARMA Sub?

Status of the old Lost Questions

First Post

1. What happened on the island after the Oceaninc 6 left? - Answered
2. Where is Clare? - Unanswered
3. How did Locke die? - Answered
4. What is the Temple? - Part Answer
5. How will the Oceaninc 6 make it back to the island? - Answered
6. Where is the Island now? - Unanswered
7. What is Charles Widmore connection to the DHARMA Initiative? - Answered
8. Who found the island in the first place? - Unanswered
9. Why does Richard not age? - Part answered
10. Why is the wheel to move the Island in a frozen room? - Unanswared
11. What is the story about the Four Toed Statue? - Part Answered

Second Post

10. Who were the first people on the island? - Unanswered
9. How old is Richard? - Unanswered
8. How many "Log Carriers" are left? - Unanswered Oceaninc Flight 815 assumed 0 Ajira Flight 316 unknown
7. Will we see the Four Toe Statue while the island is bouncing in time? - Yes
6. Where is did "Jughead" end up when flight 815 got to the island? - Answered
5. Did Charles Widmore Use the Frozen Donkey Wheel? - Unanswered
4. What is the Smoke Monster? - Unanswered
3. How does Charles Widmore become an other? - Unanswered
2. How Many Different Ways have people come to the Island? - Unanswered
1. How Many People Died on the Island? - Unanswered


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