The Old Idea clashes with the Old Idea

Today I have seen two stories about how Hulu is blocking anonymous Proxies. The reason Hulu is doing this is to block international web content. This is a problem that Amazon, Vudu, and TiVo has run into in the past. This is a problem with international licensing. Pick a show, Fringe for example, and look at its international broadcasters. If someone can get this show on the internet for free, these broadcasters will pay a lot less for them.

The said truth is that all content is worth less that it used to be worth. The problem is that the money made by content providers is also going to be reduced. Ad revenue is going down and putting up walls will not help. Getting content in front of people is what will make content producers money. The first content provider who realize this can stake claim in the next world of content. Not realizing this could ruin companies like the ways newspapers have ruined their business model.


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