The New Search, as as the Old Search

I have now tried Wolfram Alpha and Bing, both leave me feeling unimpressed. Wolfram Alpha got a lot of press. I thought it would answer every questions I ever had. I cannot get the demographic breakdown of San Jose. It has yet to answer the questions I want answered. Either I am not asking right or it does not have the information. Either way I want to wait for Wolfram Beta or Wolfram 1.0.

Bing does not seem that different that Google to me. The answers are different, but no more relative. I rarely have found better information on Bing. It just seems stacked differently.

I know that everyone wants to beat Google. Google is on a pile of money because of search and people want some of that money. That is why they go after Google, but they are not doing a good job of it. I think that Google has lot of problems, but no one is doing any better on those.

Here are the things I want out of a good search.

1. Rank the authority of a source. I want to know how good the information is. I want to know what other people are saying about the sites. I did a search on home bases businesses. The top searches are people trying to sell home based businesses to me. I want information about which home based businesses are scams or not.

2. Make it easy for me to re-order a search on different rankings. There are more than one way to rank a search, let the users make some choices and give the search back to me.


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