Song of the Day: California One Youth and Beauty Brigade

California One Youth and Beauty Brigade - Decemberists

And the road a-winding goes
From golden gate to roaring cliff-side
And the light is softly low
As our hearts become sweetly untied
Beneath the sun of California one

There are too many things for me to write about this song. How this is the perfect two songs stacked together to make one song. How the length of the song is carried by the dreamy nature of the tune and playing. How the song reminds me of the stretch of the California Highway One between Carmel and Big Sur. How I fell I feel in love with this song while I was traveling alone in Europe. How the first time I heard this song I play it ten times in a row. How the song strikes the perfect cord about being alone. How this song in an amazing ending to an unexpectedly good album. How I cried when I saw them play it live.

We're calling all bed wetters
And ambulance chasers
Poor picker-pockets, bring 'em in
Come join the youth and beauty brigade

We're lining up the light-loafered
And the bored bench warmers
Castaways and cutouts, fill it up
Come join the youth and beauty brigade
Come join the youth and beauty brigade

What amazes me still is how they are calling to there listeners. They are calling to the misfits and losers of the world and saying "We are you, You are us." It caught me the very first time I heard this song. They are ending their first album by calling all their fans. it is a brilliant move.

There are lots of songs about California. I have learned that is because California is a millions different things to 40 million people. This song is about my California.

I figured I had paid my debt to society
By paying my overdue fines
At the Multnomah County library, at the library
They said "Son, go join up
go join the youth and beauty brigade"


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