Power for Privacy

I have been thinking about Tiger Woods and his currently problems. It makes me think about power and privileged. Tiger is one of the most powerful men in Sports. He gets to have whatever he wants, except one thing privacy. No one says 'no' to Tiger Woods. I think having that kind of power changes a man. Of course you think the rules are different for you, because they are. In exchange for that power there are things you give up.

I know in the old days it was not this way. Athletes used to be able to hide their indiscretions from the public. It used to be the kind of thing that people did not report. Those days are long gone and there is no going back.

None of this would matter if all Tiger Woods did was play golf. If the only checks he cashed were from winning, he would be find. He could tell everyone to screw off, but playing golf is only half of what he does. They other thing he does is advertising. His image is important for selling video games, cars, and razors. Tiger, this is why family matters are public matters, sorry.


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