the twelfth of the big 10

The question is, should the Big Ten add another team. I think the Big Ten has to add another team. I think if they want to be a top football conference in the BCS. Right now the Big Ten is in the second tear of the football conference. I think they need a twelfth to keep up with the SEC and Big 12.

Yes I am a Big Ten fan. I have been a Big Ten fan since Penn State Joined the Big Ten. I was a Penn State fan because my mom went to Penn State. So that frames everything I want to say about a twelfth school joining the Big Ten. I think that Penn State lacks a natural rival in the Big Ten. I thinking Penn State having a natural rival would be great for the Big Ten.

Of course everyone thinks Noter Dame, but it will not happen. Noter Dame does not realize it will never be a power again without a conference. They will not join a conference until they realize that.

Here are my top five schools to join.

5. Syracuse

This is an easy choice. Yes moving from the Big East to the Big 10 would be an upgrade. It would also make it easier on their basketball team.

4. Rutgers

Also the easy choice. It moves the big 10 into the New York City Media market.

3. Pitt

This is the once everyone thinks is Oblivious. I think it would be good for the Big 10, but might hurt Penn State.

2. West Virgina

This would hurt the Big East as a football conference and help the Big Ten. It could make the Mountaineers a national power.

1. Maryland

I think this would help the Big Ten the most. It would give it a bigger spotlight in the south and move Maryland back into better football competition.


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