Best Day of 2009

A long time ago Jeremy told he tries to remember the best day of the year. He wants to note those things so he lives in the moment. I thought this was a good idea. Now I try to do the same thing

Best day of the year Nominations:

Giants Fan Photo Day

Fan Photo Day:

The last day at the Grand Lodge

McMenamins Grand Lodge

The Day the Phillies won the NL Pennent

Phillies v. Giants Warm-up: Little jog

Christmas day

First Married Christmas: All the gifts

The day in San Diego we went to Hodad's

Hodad's: Happy to be eating meat

The day the Eagles Clinched a playoff birth

NFL Breakfast

The Best Day of the year 2009: my wedding day.

Our Wedding: arms length

My wedding day was the best day of the year. It is an easy call. I morning was calm, the day went well. That moment I saw Kate in her wedding dress for the first time was almost a perfect moment. The day was great. It took months to plan and it all paid off. I cannot think of a better day


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