2010 State of my Heart Address

New Year's Eve: What a kiss

I am just weeks away from my first wedding anniversary. This is my first St. Valentines Day as a married man. It has been a great year. Being married is even better than I expected.

On the day after I was married I was given the advice "Work at your relationship everyday." This is really true. I find that being married involves lots of work. I know that sounds like a bad thing, but it is not. The work in that really rewarding work that feels great when you do it. It is even better when you see the results.

I have felt so many things for Kate that I never felt before. I have heard people say in the past they were married to their best friend. Before I met Kate I never got that, I never had a relationship with a women who was my best friend. Now I can say that I married my best friend.

I learned a lot this past year. I feel like my heart has grown in ways that I never expected. I love Kate more today then I did the day I married her. I understand how that love grows. I will work on being a better person for Kate. I look forward to finding our future together.


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