Six Life Lessons by Mickey Goldmill

The character Mickey Goldmill as played by Burgess Meredith in the little movie called Rocky is one of my personal heroes.


Six Life Lessons from the words of Mickey Goldmill

1. 'You're gonna eat lightin' and you're gonna crap thunder"

Lesson: Live with purpose! It might be very 'uncomfortable' but you will turn out better for having live through it.

2. "Your nose is broken. Ah,it's an improvment"

Lesson: Don't be vain;looks are fleeting. People get wrinkles,moles and other such stuff growing out of their face. So what! Builds character!

3. "Get out of here. Don't you ever interrupt me while I'm conducting business. Move your little chicken asses out. You're a bum, Rock, a bum."

A) Manners? Please? Where were you raised? Do your parents know you do this?
B) On a whole scheme of things you will come to realize your unimportance.

4. "DOWN! DOWN! Stay down!!"

Lesson: Generally it is of benefit to keep your head protected. Just because you play 'dumbass jock' really well.

5.“Ya don't wanna know!”

Lesson: Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Not often. Then again, sometimes you just wind up feeling like a dolt.

6. "OK I'm gonna tell ya! You had the talent to become a good fighter,but instead of that, you became a leg breaker to some cheap second-rate loan sharks! IT'S A WASTE OF LIFE!!!"

Lesson: When you are a man without a 8th grade education and most likely functionally illiterate, if you can,you box. Hopefully without giving in to the worlds dysfunctions.

See? A pinch of salt never hurt anyone! Thanks, Mick!



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