Travel: Meals Around Novato

Vacation Breakfast

Eating was a big part of our vacation. We took the opportunity to eat well. Since this was the vacation of our first anniversary we were planning to go off our usual food policies. Our idea is that we cannot have things like Biscuits and Gravy most days, but we can for the vacation. I heard Michael Pollan say "Celebration foods should be for Celebrations"

The first breakfast of the vacation we ate at Original Marvin's in Petaluma. We picked them because Yelp said they had good biscuits and gravy. That is something that Kate and I have been lusting for lately.

Original Marvins Sign

We picked the right place. At Original Marvin's you have to ask for the biscuits and gravy. It is not printed on the menu. I think it is because they run out so often. It was great. The gravy was smooth and tasty. They biscuits were soft and soaked up the gravy. It was everything we wanted. The good thing is that we split an order and also got a plate of fruit. It was a very good meal.

We also ate at Boca Steak in Novato. It is right around the corner from Andrew's House. I had the Beef Brochette, NY & Rib Eye. It was served with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Tomatoes And Onions with a Rosemary Balsamic Reduction. It was very good. The meat was very tender and worked perfectly with the Mashed Potatoes.

Kate had the Hanger Steak. She liked it. I was a little jealous about the baked potato.

We also shared a side of duck fat french fries. They were pretty good. I tired to eat only a few. If Boca Steak comes up as a suggestion again, I would say yes.


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