Flickr Sets

Phillies and Giants from SF: Yahoo! Doc

It is not surprise to anyone, but I have a lot of photos on Flickr. I shoot a lot of photos and I post a lot of them. I seems to not have the same editorial eye that some of my flickr Friends have. I am just a hair under 13000 photos. It is likely that I will post another 2000 this year.

Looking at my photos, I realize that I could be using the Flickr Sets more often. I could create a new set every day for a month and not using the same photo twice. I am not sure if that is saying I am not making enough sets currently or not. About half of my photos are in sets.

One of my favorite tool for this is the dopiaza's set generator. I can automatically generate sets around a tag. I can pick the most interesting photos or least interesting photos with this tag. I created a set of my most interesting animal photos. I think I need to do this with more tags. I wonder what other tags I should create sets for.


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