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** This blog entry might have some Spoilers. I be honest I really don't care. If you care about Lost you should have watched the show yesterday.**

I watched the Lost Finale Sunday night. It is the rare show that I was excited enough to watch live. My first reaction was that lots of Lost fans would not be happy. I have talked to a lot of Lost fans, read Lostpedia, and I listen to the Jay and Jack Lost Podcast. Lost fans are obsessed by the little things. The they care about the details, the questions, they theories, and the answers.

Lost of television fans want the finale of their favorite show to be special. They want to be blown away in how good the episode is. They want closure, they want a celebration, and they vindication for their fandom. The Lost finale did not seem to do all of that.

I am happy that not all the questions were answered. I think there is a lot of area for viewers who don't want everything spoon fed to them. If you are still hung up about where they polar bears came from or what do the numbers mean, I think you missed the point a little. I am not sure how where the polar bears came from really matters to the overall arch of the show. I know it is one of those things that was important early in the show, but these topics have not been important in the last few seasons.

I have heard lots of people talk about the end of the show, but they talk in a very dismissive manner. They do not like the flash sideways. At first I thought the flash sideways was handled. They spent too much time on the flash sideways. There was a lot of story that now feels like a mcguffin now.

I really see three points to the flash sideways and I am not sure it was worth half a season. The first point is they would not have been happy if they did not crash on the island. The second point is the connections made on the island where the most important relationships these people will ever have. The third point was to give fans the afterlife people thought the island was before the show started.

I like the idea that the people from the Island made this place in the afterlife so they can go to heaven together. I think that is pretty cool. I think it is a nice way to view the afterlife. I like the idea of the flash sideways as purgatory. I like the idea that no matter what else happened to the characters who survive, this was still the most important thing that happened to them. I like the idea that some things in your life are really important, but you never know what that might be.

The action that happened on the island, was just okay. I wanted the island to be more of a character in the end. I wanted more about why the island was important. What I learned was Jacob was powerful, but a little misguided. His rules for the island were not the rules of the universe.

In the end, my problem with the last episode is that it was not one of the best episodes of lost. I think it is not in the top 5 and it might not even be in the top 10. It lacked some of the punch of some of the other episodes. I am not sure it could have lived up to how good people thought it might be, but I feel that it lacked something. It might have been trying to wrap up the plot that made everything seem so underwhelming. They had to get somewhere and it was not as interesting as some other episodes.

I did not feel any drama in the idea of the plane getting off the island. I never felt there was a way for evil Locke to win. The redemption of Ben was under whelming. The flash sideways took a lot of the drama from the island. For a moment I worried that Ben was going to kick Hurley down the waterfall, but that is all I ever worried about.

In the end, the finally did not ruin the series of Lost. Even if it was not as good as I expected. There have been some great episodes of Lost. When watching those great episodes I thought the finale would be awesome. I guess this is one of the limits of television. It is hard to wrap things up without overdoing it. Sometimes that caused the show to under-do it. I think the finale was a little underdone.

Watching the finale again I really like the message of the show. You cannot do it alone, you need other people, and you never know when you will meet the people who will be the most important to you. I like it, because the idea was in the whole show, not just the finale. All of the other stuff was a little unimportant. But that is kind of cool.

In the end Lost was great. I think it is one of the best shows in the history of Television. It might be the best show of the 2000s, or at least the best network show. What is amazing is how this show got made at all. There have been a lot of shows in the last 5 years that have tried to be like Lost. Heroes might be the most successful and that only had one good season. I am not sure we are going to see another show like Lost again.

This is a pretty funny review of the Unanswered question.


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