Flickr Project: 31 sets in 31 Days


I finished my May Flickr project, 31 sets in 31 days. I wanted to do a little blog write up for each set, but I only got three of those done. I have too many flickr projects and not enough time to write about them. I really don't have enough time to do all the flickr projects I have on going. I am going to write about all those problems later.

Doing this project make me think about photography, photos, and flickr. It made me think about how I wanted to display my photos and how I choose the content of my photos.

I have already made blog posts about SF Giants Fan Photo Day,Phillies in San Francisco, and SV Flickr Restart. I feel like I should still write about the rest. I might write about the rest of them later. It seems like a lot. Maybe I need to just write about all my sets.

The Developer

Here is a list of all my sets for this project

Sometimes It's About Me
Trips to the zoo
FanimeCon 2010
1-25 Views
Minor League Baseball
Christmas 1999
1999 Sitting Around PHL
Flickr Meets and Parties
Amgen Tour of California
People I don't Know
Foster City, CA
The People I know
Wonder Woman Land
Tattoo World
Portland Or
Public Art
I'm A Marvel Fan
My Beautiful Bride
San Jose, CA
Photos of my mom
People Fav Me
Should have 50 views
Kurt Cobain Memorial Bench
I Seem to Drive a lot
Sign City
SV Flickr Restart
Phillies in San Francisco
SF Giants Fan Photo Day


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