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Phillies v. Giants Warm-up: Signing

Of course the Phillies are My Favorite Team. What is there not to love about them. I should say what is there not to love about them from my favorite team. I grew up watching the Philadelphia sports teams. It is something that stayed with me even after I moved out west.

Phillies V. Padres in San Diego:  Pitching

When I was in college, the Phillies had my favorite season of my adult life. The 1993 season was great. It was the point where Football was my favorite sport to Baseball. It was like the amazing nature of 162 games season. There is something about the everyday nature of baseball that I like.

2004 citizens bank park:

I love the pace of the game. I like that baseball is slow and deliberate. I like that baseball unfolds over time. Lots of people say there is not enough action in baseball. I say those people want frozen microwave meals that are ready in 10 minutes.

2004 Citizens Bank Park Trip:

A single game of a baseball is like a single page of a novel, it might be beautiful but to does not have enough context. A full season is like a whole novel. Ten seasons are like ten novels. Baseball is a sport where the more you watch the better it is. You get to see the patterns of the game.

2004 Citizens Bank Park Trip:

Since I have lived out here I have seen the Phillies in Arizona, Oakland, San Francisco, And San Diego. Of course now I take a lot of photos every time I see the Phillies play somewhere. That is why I have so many Phillies photos. Of course they should have their own group.

Giants v. Phillies: Us


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