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I am obsessed with the with the Flickr feature that allows me to all a flickr user to the photo. Shortly after it came out I added myself to every photo of me I could find. There are lots of pictures of me on Flickr. My goal was for that number to be over 1000. It was not hard to find that many photo of me on flickr. Now my number is over 1100. About 700 of those are in my account, but that is still a lot in other people's accounts.

It will not be too long before Kate also has 1000 photos on flickr also. It is no surprise she is my biggest model on flickr. I know she likes it, but she also gets tired of me taking so many photos of her. I have to strike the right balance.

I have photos with over 265 different flickr users in them. Those are the people I can identify, know their flickr account and they have this feature enabled. More than a third of this number are people who I have one photo of them. It is a lot of people from comic book conventions or flickr parties I don't really know, but they commented on the photo. I have 55 people with 10 or more photos. I have 13 with 50 or more photos and 7 with 100 or more photos.

There are lots of people who I know do not have flickr accounts. I tag these photos nonflickrperson. If I don't know the person or the flickr account I tag the pictures unknownperson. For the flickr users who have disabled this feature I have the tag unaddableflickrperson.

I have almost 14000 photos in my flickr photostream. Of that over 5500 have the tag needflickrpeople. These are the photos I have not confirmed if people or added or not. I am trying to work through this number, but it is hard. I seem to add photos at about the same rate I review photos. Shrinking that number is just hard to do.

I have a set of Needs Flickr People photos. This helps me review the photos that I need to add people too.

If you know a person in the photos under the needsflickrpeople tag, go ahead and add them. I am happy to get help from crowd sourcing.


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