Giving Up Headphones

w/ Headphones

After a decade of hard MP3/iPod/Computer listening, I am giving up on headphones. I am putting aside headphones for the sake my own hearing. It has been a great decade of music, you tube, and podcasts, but it is time for me to put the headphones down.

I have started this about six months ago. I used to wear headphones all the time. If I was doing something alone, I was doing it wearing headphones. It was really bad before I met Kate. Now I am doing a lot less alone.

I went tons of places alone and there was always music with me. The biggest change is that I am not listening to as much music as I have before. Every couple of years it happens that my music listening and interest drops off. I feel like I am going into one of these times.

I am amazed that not wearing headphones has really made my interest drop off. It says a lot about how I have been costuming music. I might need to make more time in my life for music.


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