Mountain View Farmers Market

Kate and I went to the Mountain View farmers Market this morning. A few friends recommended it to me. I was asked people about what farmers market they go to. The Mountain View farmers market is large and impressive. There is so much food there. I know that a lot of things are coming into season right now. But I was really impressed with the selection and quality there. I could have easily gone crazy and bought way too much.

I am not sure about the ethics of going to a farmers Market that is ten miles away from my house. I guess it is better than shopping someplace where the food comes from thousands of miles away. I often go to the San Jose Japantown Farmer's Market on Sundays. The problem with the the Japantown Famers market is that it is small with only a few booths. The selection can be very low. I like going there, but I want more. I want more selection.

Kate wants to go back to the Mountain View Farmers Market more often. It is a little far to go there every week, but we go every once in a while. I also want to go to Downtown San Jose Farmers market. The problem is that it is on Fridays and it can be hard to get there with work.

All of this writing about Farmers Markets is about my drive to get more fruit and vegetables in my diet.


Steve Lacy said…
What about light rail?

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