Bike Ride to Mountain View

Saturday I took a bike ride from Japantown San Jose to Downtown Mountain View. I got the idea last week and there were two points that really appeal to me.

First it was a destination. I find if I am not trying to get someplace specific I end up getting bored and not riding very far. I am finding that I really need someplace to go, not just to go exploring. When I was a kid that is all I needed on my bike. Now I need a little more.

I also wanted to ride somewhere that I could just ride out and not worry about riding back. Since I started riding my bike again this summer I have only rode for an hour at most. In part I was worried about having the energy to ride back. By going someplace I could take the light rail back, I did not need to worry about that. I can push myself when I feel tired. It really helps motivate me.

I love riding my bike. When I was growing up I was always on my bike. It was that first way to really extend my range to get around. Even after I got my drivers license I rode my bike a lot. I did not have to worry about someone else needing my bike.

It is different to ride my bike now. I guess that is just part of growing old. When I was young I was often wearing my headphones listening to my walkman. Now being on my bike is a place where I can be away from media and headphones. I never listen to music on my bike. It just does not feel safe anymore. It is one of those things I could do as a kid.

The difference between walking and bike riding to me is about focus. When I walk there is not much to focus on. I can look around, see all the sights, think about all sorts of things. When I am on my bike, I need to focus on the ride. I need to think about the road, the surface, my route and what is coming next. On the bike I am always thinking about how fast I am going. Riding my bike gives me time to clear my mind, but in a different way.

I want to ride my bike more. It is sometimes hard to find the time. I am not confident enough to ride it to work and taking the train is a lot of time. I know there are lots of chances to ride, I just need to make the most of them.


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