Dead Blogs

I was looking at my Delicious account recently. I found a lot of dead blogs in my old links. Some of the blogs have not been updated in years other blogs have gone away all together. I have read a lot how Microblogging has killed blogging. People don't read blogs and don't write blogs anymore.

I know that I have fallen into this. Often I can condense an idea that would have been a 500 or 1000 word blog entry into just 140 characters. Instead of expanding an idea to have enough to write about, I go the other way. I make it just piffle words and a single idea.

I love my blog and I don't want it to die. I just don't have the same drive to write my blog anymore. One of the reasons is because I know people are reading my twitter feed. I get lots of feedback there. I could write slightly longer things on my blog, but it is hard. I need to find the time, focus, and drive to do it.


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