NFL Breakfast at the Britannia Arms

My Eagle Fan Wife

The first place we went to Watch the Eagles on NFL Sunday ticket was Britannia Arms in Downtown San Jose. We went there a lot last season so it seems like a good place to go to start this season.

NFL Breakfast


Steak and Eggs are our favorite breakfast for NFL Sundays. Anyplace that has Steak and Eggs moves to the front of the list. I like that I can get fresh fruit instead of hash browns and whole wheat toast. The only problem with The Brit is the Steak is not the best cut. It is often a little fatty.

Why Kate Loves Football

They have a pretty nice overall menu. They have a lot of items and some specials for NFL Breakfast. They also have lunch items. They even have a traditional English breakfast, but the beans would do me in for the rest of the day.


There are a lot of televisions at The Brit. If you sit in the right place you can watch just about every game on. There are some areas where you can only see two or three sets. You want to try to sit in the area around the bar. This will give you the most choices of games.


Audio can be tricky, but you can get to hear your game. The main video screen has audio you can hear all over the bar. You can get these little speakers so you can listen to the game you are watching. It can be distracting if there are lots of speakers around you on different games.


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