San Jose NFL Bar Review - Preview

Kate and I are big Eagles fans. We fell in love over Steak and eggs while watching the Eagles. To see the Eagles games around here, Kate and I go to a bar for breakfast.

I realize as part of my review, I need to tell people my breakfast dietary restrictions. In general I try not to eat white flower and anything fried. I try to keep my hash brown consumption to twice a year. That means I want a substitution for the Hash browns and whole wheat toast.

I realized the lack of fried food really makes me an outsider when it comes to football fans at the bar. That is what I need for a good breakfast. I will try to be fair to places that doe not offer these things, but It is still what I want.

The other thing we like is a place we can walk to. It helps burn the calories from the breakfast. We would drive someplace really good, but it would have to be a lot better.


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