At the NLCS

Giants v. Phillies:

I went to Game 3 of the NLCS, Phillies v. Giants. Since I am a life long Phillies Fan, I went to the game in my Jimmy Rollins #11 Phillies T-Shirt. I proudly walked around with my shirt showing and my hat on.

I was ....

Phillies v. Giants

Cursed At
Yell at
Offered Weed from Giants Fans
Told I was brave for wearing Phillies Gear
Hi-Fived by other Phillies Fans.
told the Giants fans would kill me.
Body checked (but he got the worst of it)
interviewed three times on camera.

Some of the specific taunts:

F$%* the Phillies
Phillies Suck
Go Back Home
Go Back to Philly
Have another cheesesteak (clearly about my weight)
Hey John Kruk (Again about my weight)

NLCS: Dirty Sign

Most of the ribbing was in good fun. I took whatever was said to me. Often I would take pictures of people who booed me. That made most of them laughed. I have to say the good humor stuff was good.

Phillies v. Giants

There was one guy who booed in my hear loud enough to make my ears ring. I feel like that was assault. That was not cool. I had to hold my self from cracking him in the mouth.

There were lots of creative Giants T-shirts

Phillies v. Giants

Not the ones sold at the Giants Team store

Giants v. Phillies:

And people wearing creative outfits

Giants Suit

And some that cross the line into costumes

Phillies v. Giants: Brian Wilson Costume

I had a good time at the game. It was an interesting to be the out of town at a playoff game. It is not the same as being an out of town fan during the regular season. I would say there was just 10% of the Philles Fans you would see at a regular season game.

NLCS Game 3: Phillies Fans before the Game

After the National Anthem was sung I ran into three Phillies fans from LA. I ended up buying their extra ticket for $40. It was way under face value. The seat was in section 103 in the lower deck. They were happy to have another Phillies Fan in the row.

I was sad the Phillies lost, but I was still happy I went. It was another item I could knock off my Baseball Bucket List.

Giants v. Phillies:

I might have got better photos of I was not a Phillies Fan. The next time the Giants are in the Playoffs against someone other then the Phillies, I will have to go.


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