Cord Cutter Resplices the cord

I have been meaning to write about the problem with cord cutting for a while, but I have not found the time. This article by David Katzmaier about the current failures of Cord Cutting covers a lot of what I wanted to say.


Stephen Lacy said…
Andrea and I cut the cord a long time ago, and it has been a bit trying at times, but all in all, I think we're better for it.

First, when we initially "cut the cord" we actually got rid of all TV reception, including antenna. We had nothing at all, and didn't watch or download anything. That was hard, but a fun change in lifestyle.

Then, soon after our first kid was born, we both found that we really needed some form of passive entertainment, and went back to antenna only. It was great for a while, and now, with Netflix streaming, is getting even better.

I still miss the Daily Show, but in general, I'm actually grateful that we're not deluged with tons of content we don't have time to watch.

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