New Years Resolutions

It is always fashionable to say you do not believe in New Years Resolutions. I hear it all the time and see it all over the internet. I on the other hand love New Years Resolutions. It is a way to set goals and try to get things done.

1. Walk 1100 miles for exercise. This works out to about three miles a day. It is a good goal and one I think I can accomplish.

2. Climb the steps at work 250 times. That is about once a work day. If I use the elevator at work, I will add 2 climbs to this number.

3. Eat at 12 restaurants I have never ate at before. It is easy to get caught in a rut when it comes out to eat. I want to push myself to eat places I usually don't eat. I might try to limit this just to San Jose.

4. Post at last 100 of my Photo of the day photos to my new photo blog.

5. Do the photo a day project again this year.

6. Read all the books I got for Christmas 2010.


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